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    People's News Network - YouTube Channel

    news channel by and for the people...

    People’s News Network (PNN) is a YouTube channel that produces news stories of interest to the 1AA community, including frequent livestreams.

    Our content allows both the auditor’s and law enforcement’s view of the audit to be broadcast simultaneously.  The viewer gets to see things such as the police report, hear the 911 call, and see numerous police body cam angles of the interaction with the auditor from the police.  PNN takes transparency to the next level in producing its content…  we also promote Transparency in Policing by publishing dash and body cam footage that shows real police activity on Real Police Cams.

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    In March, 2021 I decided to pick up my camera and conduct my initial 1st Amendment Audit not too far from my home on Long Island, after watching other auditors on YouTube.  Little did I know, a few months later I would have a following and a movement would be born… holding tyrants and oath breakers accountable! Every day I am doing my best to affect change in my community and well beyond.  This journey would not be possible without YOU my loyal SUPPORTERS!  And, WE THE PEOPLE, have just begun this important activism…

    Extraordinary Support From Viewers...

    When I started this work nearly a year ago I never believed that I would come this far, so quickly.  I have really enjoyed traveling, meeting some of you in person and above all holding government officials accountable.  I have every viewer that watches my channel to thank for always having my back and We The People can accomplish anything!

    As we close in on the YouTube milestone of 300k subscribers, I want to give a heartfelt “Thank you and God bless you!” to ALL my viewers.  It would NOT be possible without you and I look forward to many more days, weeks and months of holding our government officials accountable and thank you for your support and encouragement…!

    Long Island Audit's - Core Values

    Setting goals, conditions and values under which I hold myself accountable as an independent journalist / constitutional activist:

    • Be RESPECTFUL and PROFESSIONAL in all interactions
    • Follow-Up and File Complaints to address misconduct (when necessary)
    • Evaluate each professional encounter to determine when legal action is needed and warranted and timely pursue such legal action when necessary.