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Welcome to Long Island Audit’s web page.  I WANT TO KEEP THE WE THE PEOPLE FAMILY UP TO DATE…

On this page we will post all documents concerning complaints, correspondence, FOIA/FOIL/Open Records requests, lawsuits and any other documents relevant to LIA’s auditing activities. We will also post news articles that have appeared in various publications about Long Island Audit. We want YOU the viewer to be kept up to date on everything that LIA is doing and to be totally transparent regarding his activities.


Below you will find various documents, letters, motions, complaints, FOIA/Open Records requests, news articles, etc.  These documents describe Long Island Audit’s 1st Amendment Auditing voyage over the last eighteen (18) months…

Updated:  November 7, 2022

Long Island Audit Files Complaint with FBI Over Civil Rights Violations in Danbury (CT)

This is a complaint to the FBI filed against Danbury police Officers Utter and Farrell for civil rights violations that occurred in Danbury on June 9, 2021 and July 15, 2021.

Internal Affairs Report filed against New Rochelle (NY) Sgt. and Officers Regarding City Hall Incident

This is a copy of the Internal Affairs complaint filed by LIA after being illegally trespassed from City Hall in New Rochelle, NY.

Long Island Audit Files Complaint with FBI Over Civil Rights Violations in Danbury (CT)

This is an Internal Affairs complaint filed over LIA’s illegal detention at Bradley Airport in CT. and the assault by Sgt. Fahey at State Police Headquarters.


This is an Objection to the Motion to Dismiss filed by the prosecutor in the Waterbury Superior Court criminal case for Trespass 1st degree.


This is Motion for Return of Seized Property in the Danbury Superior Court criminal case for criminal trespass 1st degree and breach of peace at Danbury City Hall.

REYES' Motion to Dismiss

This is the Motion to Dismiss filed in Waterbury Superior Court to dismiss the trespass charge.  (The judge has ordered a supplemental memorandum of law, which will be posted here and court argument on October 29, 2021)

Danbury Public Library LAWSUIT filed September 17, 2021

This is the actual lawsuit filed in United States District Court in Connecticut on September 17, 2021 for the civil rights violations at the Danbury Public Library.

State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky files NEW charges by Substitute Information Against Long Island Audit

This Substitute Information contains new charges against LIA in the Danbury criminal case.

Danbury Library Internal Affairs Investigation

This is a complete copy of the Danbury Police Department Internal Affairs InvestigationReport over the Danbury Library incident on June 9, 2021

Bureau of Professional Standards CT. State Police

C.T State Police Internal Affairs Investigation Report from the incident at Bradley Airport on July 23, 2021

Supplemental Memorandum in Opposition to SeanPaul Reyes and in Support of the State of Connecticut submitted to State's Attorney Sedensky by LEGALIZE DRUGS

This document was sent to State of Connecticut prosecutor Stephen Sedensky by Marc Stout (on youtube as Legalized Drugs). Is this someone who supports the US Constitution?

Memorandum in Opposition to SeanPaul Reyes and in Support of State of Connecticut by LEGALIZE DRUGS

This letter and memorandum were sent to CT State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky by Marc Stout (on youtube as Legalized Drugs) to try to help the State of CT convict Long Island Audit. This supposed copwatcher is obviously someone who hates the US Constitution!

Deposition Notice in the New Rochelle lawsuit

This is the deposition notice filed in the lawsuit against the New Rochelle police and school board defendants.

Transcript of Hearing in the Danbury Criminal case before Judge D'Andrea

This is the transcript of LIA’s first appearance in the Danbury criminal case, where the judge found probable cause despite the police report being devoid of facts to support such finding.

COMPLAINT / Arrest of SeanPaul Reyes by Berwyn, Illinois Police Department

This is a copy of the actual Complaint issued for the arrest of SeanPaul Reyes for Disorderly Conduct by the Berwyn PD on 11/8/2021.

Connecticut State Police IA Investigation (Sgt. Fahey @ CT State Police HQ)

This is the IA investigation report issued by Captain Ceruti of the Ct State Police.

Motion to Dismiss in Cook County Case (Berwyn PD) ** NEW **

Motion to Dismiss in Berwyn, Illinois case.

DISCOVERY Documents in the Berwyn, Illinois Arrest Case ** NEW **
Arrest Warrant for HBOMatt
Arrest Warrant for Corner's News
FULL Internal Affairs Report / CT State Police Incidents on July 23, 2021

A copy of the judge’s decision DISMISSING the criminal trespass charge in the Waterbury (CT) case.

Transcript of Motion to Dismiss Oral Argument in Berwyn, Illinois Case

Official Court transcript of hearing in disorderly conduct case.


Transcript of Berwyn Case Dismissal on 08/10/2022 ** NEW **

Transcript of the hearing before the judge in the Berwyn case, wherein case was nolled.


Danbury police chief could decide fate of cops in viral library video this week

From The Danbury News Times on August 3, 2021

A YouTuber tried to 'audit' how well Danbury follows Constitutional rights. The answer is complicated.

From The Danbury News Times on June 14, 2021

Danbury cop's remark in body cam footage about YouTuber is 'blood curdling,' ACLU says

From The Danbury News Times on July 26, 2021

After YouTuber auditor came to Danbury, nearby towns evaluate video policies in public buildings

From The Danbury News Times on July 31, 2021

‘First Amendment auditors’ aim to cancel cops via YouTube

From The Danbury News Times on July 24, 2021

Danbury YouTuber incident raises questions about police body cameras. When can they be turned off?

From The Danbury News Times on Aug. 7, 2021

Independent Journalist Recording Video Sends New Rochelle City Hall into a Tizzy

From Talk of the Sound on July 24, 2021 

Twenty years ago, YouTuber 'would be dead,' Danbury cop says in body cam video

From The Danbury News Times on July 26, 2021

How a YouTuber prompted a Danbury police investigation, a possible lawsuit and opened a First Amendment debate

From The Danbury News Times on June 12, 2021

Wanna-be “journalist” drives around NY, CT looking for cops to incite – then begging audience for money (op-ed)

From Law Enforcement Today on August 1, 2021

YouTuber charged with trespassing in Danbury leads protest at city hall

From The Danbury News Times on July 19, 2021

Four Danbury police officers face discipline for library YouTuber incident following investigation

From The Danbury News Times on Aug. 27, 2021

News Article / Hearst CT Media / CT State Police Interactions From Hearst Media November 5, 2021

Hearst CT Media story 11/05/2021.

JUST IN: Sheriff says deputy was wrong in interaction with YouTuber filming outside city jail

Hearst CT Media story 11/05/2021.

Pooler city leaders refuse to comment after viral YouTube video featuring police officers, chief

Hearst CT Media story 11/05/2021.

Clickbait Crusaders Challenge Cops

(A very interesting article on 1st amendment auditing...)
Video of Testy Confrontation Between Pooler PD and Independent Journalist Goes Viral

(Coverage of Sean's visit to the Pooler, GA PD)
Inside Internal Affairs: by NewsDay

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