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Civil rights activist and government accountability advocate

Holding our government officials

Accountable... one day at a time!

Exercising our First Amendment rights in a respectful manner.

We will not allow our civil rights to be violated. I will follow up. I am striving for real transparency and accountability from our public officials. Law enforcement officers take an oath to our constitution. The majority of them take it very seriously. I am NOT anti-police and I do NOT dislike the police. To all the good cops out there, we support you and appreciate your service to your community! What we look to expose are bad cops, the tyrants and the oath breakers... for these few who don't take their oath seriously, know this, I will hold you accountable for your actions.

I am not alone. I appreciate the support of so many of you, with your positive comments, donations and especially your calls to these public officials to voice your grievances to them. This is so important because public officials need to understand... WE don't allow them to violate our rights. Not now, not ever!

SeanPaul Reyes / Long Island Audit