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People's news network

People’s News Network is a secondary channel created to supplement the work of Long Island Audit.聽 We envision this channel will have livestreams with guests that will be interviewed on the issues of the day, with a focus on governmental accountability.

The channel has already been launched on YouTube and when content starts to be produced and uploaded, you will be advised so that you an enjoy the content on this channel as well.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for programming for this new channel, please drop me an email at

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  1. Hi Sean
    I was wondering what happened with sergeant Fahey of Connecticut police. The last video I saw was when you went to file a complaint with the States Attorney office and the Inspector was a complete ass. Did you ever file the complaint and if so can you publish the outcome. I hope Fahey gets more than a slap on the wrist!

  2. Thank you for your incredible dedication and undeniable passion you have at exposing the vast amount of tyrants we have working for us in so many areas Federal and Local government institutions. It should at the very least be a requirement to know every Amendment in our Constitution if one chooses to take an oath to Uphold And Defend each and every one. You are the absolute best at what you do and with your lead 鈥淲e the People鈥 will regain control of the Greatest Country in the World one again! God bless you and God bless The United States Of America!

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  5. Hey,Sean,

    How simple it is to get to your site, now. Not being the brightest bulb, the sharpest knife, or any other simile that exists, it only took me a couple months to figure this out. 鈥楤out now, my friends would encourage me to 鈥溾o down to the pond and watch the turtles whiz by!鈥

    So far, by my limited exposure, LIA is one of the few features on You Tube that doesn鈥檛 try to 鈥渂ait鈥 our public officials. They do that very nicely on their own. There are a couple sites that really, really try to get a response from those officials, but their attempts are painfully obvious. It鈥檚 no fun watching. You鈥檙e doing it right (or is that Rite, or Write?).

    Just a quickie for now. I鈥檒l try to add some substance to your channel.



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  7. My wife is a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Florida.
    It is ironic that a licensed cosmetologist in Florida needs 1200 hours of training plus the successful completion of a two-part ( 4 hours) written certifying board exam comprising 130 questions.
    On the other hand, a police officer needs 6 months of training with little or no education on people’s rights and at the end of the course, he is handed a badge and a gun that in the wrong hands can cause death to members of the public.
    The cosmetologist’s worst-case scenario is the burning of the scalp from the poor application of hair color. And for this, my wife carries a $1,000,000 insurance policy. The tyrant cop gets qualified immunity. Hmmm….!!!!
    See the irony?

  8. I used to think auditors were ant agonizers and instigators till I took the time to watch a dad and son team and then watched your videos. You REALLY have a calm and reasonable demeanor that adds A LOT of credibility to your MISSION. After watching so many of your videos I can truly see a NEED for these civil rights checks and more accountability. I can also see why “qualified immunity” needs to GO. IMO, you are the best representative of a legitimate auditor and I appreciate that you are not against law and order at all but rather an advocate for FAIR and JUST practices by law enforcement and other civil “servants”. Thank you for helping to educate me and for all you do to uphold our constitutional rights.

  9. i find it funny how i think now this my thinking but i would be willing to bet most of these people in the city halls basically non voted people they probably but most of their lives on facebook literally every bit of their lives and then they get all huffy and puffy when you record them and i find it funny their afraid of your taping them but they like i say probably have their whole lives on facebook twitter etc , just wanted to say that thanks for your content and work i find it entertaining as well learn a few things i didnt know about our rights thanks again Jerry

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