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    1. Thank you very much for what you do. For a very long time 48 years I did not know I actually really had rights. Thank you so very much. I live in a racist political state of Kansas where you are denied you’re right as a individual even to make a four-year request for a crime committed against you. I would like to record them denying me that right. So I am asking where do you get a GoPro like yours.

    2. Sean,
      GREATLY APPRECIATE everything you do and the way you are conducting yourself !!!
      Keep up the great work on protecting our rights brother !!!

  1. dear sir, i have a couple of questins / comments that may be addressed legally i dont know. if the police are on your propertry unlawfully and refuse to leave can you call state or county police to remove them lagally. also i would not only record police but wear your phone around your neck nation wide everybody so they will never know for sure when they are being recorded. and will maybe rethink their tactics to law enforcement and not revenue to support their teirrany and brutality. and if asked, any answer you give them is not required, or unaccurate because you are under no lagal obligation to answer questions. .

  2. Hello Sean. I love you’re videos from day 1, today I was at the yankee game 5 playoffs & after a beautiful victory after outside I wanted to make a story for all my friends & family on the public sidewalk filming the outside stadium. All the people going wild. The bars, everything I can see from my eye. I was assaulted by 2 males & chased. While I was running I was yell for the cops to help me & they stood there & the guy assaulted me in back of head then tackled me to weee my finger was bleeding the whole time & while I’m detained. the NYPD put me In handcuffs & detained me & my cousin from Texas for 2 hours. Everything is on camera being on the public sidewalk. I’m from Brooklyn NY & I’m very big on rights. I wonder if anyway you can help me out or any advice on lawyer , anything i appreciate

    Regards – Mark Oconnor
    Email – Markoconnor51@icloud.com

  3. Thank you for everything you do. I watch your videos daily. Not only as an instrumental learning foundation but as a way of interacting with those who are known to take advantage of the innocent. We built this country to differ from those who failed and provide no way of life, your work impacts America who was once land of the free and great. With a background in LE and military, your service greatly compares.

  4. Calling out from corporate Canada. The corruption is ramped especially in North America, not to mention the rest of the corporate world. The reason these pawns thugs have been hired is because they are planning to dismantle all domestic police agencies and bring in foreign police, problem reaction solution. These poor fools don’t even get the big picture because their IQ level is below standard. They have condemned themselves for the world to see, brilliant!

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